Hey! I’m Jan, nineteen and currently travelling ’round the globe. It’s been almost a year now since I left Austria and I finally decided to start this blog. The idea of writing a blog has been floating in my head for a while, yet I never felt as if my story was unique enough to put the effort into it and stuck with making short little videos to give my friends and family a rough idea of what I am up to instead. Ever since I started my journey I had this feeling of it all being a little too easy and I started seeking something a little more adventurous. Now, don’t get me wrong travelling the east and south coast of Australia, hiking in New Zealand, kicking back at some of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia and Thailand, exploring the still comparatively unspoilt culture and land in Myanmar, partying on the 62nd floor in Singapore, having a familiy reunion in Malaysia, driving over 2500 km on a bike from south to north in Vietnam and I can’t even find words for India, was incredible. These countries are common destinations for young backpackers for a good reason and I will for sure upload photos and write a few lines about my unforgettable time there too. However, I couldn’t stop thinking about doing something not so many people I meet can relate to. Something unique, adventurous and a little crazy…like driving home on a motorbike from Kyrgyzstan to Austria.
Certainly I am not the first person to do this but it seems to me at least a story worth sharing here online.


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