3000 km update 

Over 3000 km down, Ernesto is still going strong and I am in Peruuuuuu!

Roads in Colombia were unexpectedly good, however, many landslides on the road, a lot of rain (I was there in rainseason) and loco drivers made it a little challenging sometimes and I decided to only go south to save time for the dry areas in other countries.
The first couple of days of riding were rather unspectacular and arriving at my days destination was something to look forward to.
After about half way to the Ecuadorian border, however, the scenery all of a sudden changed and the roads were breathtaking. As I was riding down a mountain road I saw a guy laying on the street with a wrecked motorcycle next to him. I instantly stoped to check if he was still concious and was ready to call an ambulance. He responded and seemed fine apart from a hurt leg and a few open wounds. I desinfected the wounds and we waited for a while together until his sister would pick him up as none of the cars going past made any effort to help and just kept driving. A lot of things went through my brain and I asked myself why I am doing this. I kept driving even more aware of the dangers on the road and sill thinking about Kevin (the guys name). After about 10 minutes of driving the road turned into probably one of the most scenic ones I have been on so far. I parked the bike on the side of the road, took in the amazing view and that was when I felt the universe reassurig me of the reasons why I am doing this. The feeling of standing alone on a road that is carved into a mountain looking down at how far you have come up is incredible.
I went further up the mountain until I found myself in a misty pueblo where I couldn’t see more than 2 meters ahead. I check in at a hostellike place and sat back on the balcony. All I hear is dogs barking, I feel the cold wind in my face and watch the fog moving around me and feel happy to be back on the road.

After about a week of riding and hiking in Colombia I crossed the broder to Ecuador.
I spent the first couple of days staying at a place in the middle of a cornfield with Quechuan people drinking tea which I picked from trees in the garden, reading and making fresh soup with ingredients from the local market in the pueblo and herbs from the garden while being surrounded by cows, dogs, cats, chickens etc.
As it started to get really cold in the high altitudes I got myself a poncho and some other warm clothes from a handicraft market and was ready to hit the road in the mountains again.
The days were still cold on the bike but views incredible. Snowcapped volcanos, green crater lakes and windy mountainroads up to almost 4500 meter in altitude made Ecuador an unfrogettable motorcycle experience.

After another successful bordercrossing I took a couple of restdays at the beach in Peru from long days on the bike. I spent my days lying in a hammock, cooking food over open fire and planning the upcoming weeks in Peru.
Life is pretty good!


2 thoughts on “3000 km update 

  1. first of all does the sun shine in the mug or does the heat shine into the sun?
    and second of all this meal looks a little bit stingy but also quite delicious you have a nice barby over there! hang lose bro


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