South American Motorcycle Adventure

                 Ernesto. My Suzuki GN.

After half a year of working at home and a month of travelling Cuba I am finally ready to start my next motorcycle journey in South America from north to south.
Doing the Pan-american Highway, the longest road in the world, has been a dream for a while. However, as my budget and time is limited I had to make compromises and finally decided to go from Colombia to Chilean or Argentinian Patagonia rather than doing the whole trip from Alaska this time.

I have been in Medellin, Colombia for a week now and got my Motorcycle which I call Ernesto, all the (hopefully) right paperwork and tools/spare parts and I am ready to hit the road again.

The process of buying a motorcycle here turned out a little more complicated than in Kyrgyzstan and Vietnam as you have to register in the national traffic system and transfer ownership papers to your own name which was a little challenging with my limited spanish skills. Yet, I managed in a week and am all set.

Going small:

For ths trip I chose to go down on weight and will ride with only a 5 kg backpack on a 125 cc bike. High altitudes and weather are going to be challenging but at the same time make it even more of an exciting adventure.

The plan is to drive through 6 countries and sell the bike at the end before going back home for summer from the winter in the south.

I will try to post updates and photos as I go and hope you enjoy reading.


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